Mike Pentecost Landscape Architect (BLA.Hons)
Consultation After our initial contact we will visit your site and meet you, gathering your wishes and ideas. from this consultation we can develop an initial concept plan. Concept Design The concept plan is presented in such a way as to be easily readable and understood - it is intended to convey the character and quality of your landscape layout. This is typically drawn to scale and rendered in colour. The concept drawings are altered as necessary to meet your requirements and address any issues that arise during the design process. Detail Design and Planting Plans The concept plan is now developed to include technical detail that will allow the design to be laid out and installed. These drawings are often also used to gain consents and as a basis for gathering quotes. We are also available to help manage the project on site - and often work in close contact with the contractor as the landscape progresses.
Landscape Architecture Ltd 2004 Mike Pentecost - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (hons) Phone 0274 331 926